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MVA is a nonpartisan alliance of diverse community associations, multi-faith congregations, and unions representing over 40,000 people. We work together to organize for issues we have in common. 


Our Mission

Collectively Organize for Change

We organize for change in meaningful ways. We build relationships across diverse groups and run campaigns to engage politicians. Check out our accomplishments here

Develop Leaders

We identify and develop leaders within your organization. We have 80 years of experience training leaders who engage their membership, strengthen their organizations, and act in public life.

Strengthen Organizations

Participation in MVA equips your organization to re-engage your members on what they care about most and makes it a beacon of belonging in your community.


Who We Are

Metro Vancouver Alliance is made up of 17 organizations that represent diverse community perspectives. We aim to stand for the whole and organize around issues we all have in common.


Member List


Urban Aboriginal Ministry




Longhouse Council of Native Ministry

 Local 1724


CityGate Vancouver | Building Connections, Bringing Transformation

Anglican Diocese of New Westminster

Justice and Peace Unit



Anglican Diocese of New Westminster

(sponsoring organization)




Sisters of the Instruction of the Child Jesus

Burnaby Teachers' Association

Home - Delta Teachers